Dr. Selvon & Sherry
Seebran, are the
founders of Selvon
Seebran Worldwide
Deliverance Inc.
Established since
1974, this dedicated
couple leads a 7 Point
Outreach for
programme for lost
souls around the
World. This God
ordained ministry was
established in
Jacksonville, FL  with
offices in Orlando &
A Graduate of Logos
Christian University
with a BA, Masters and
Doctorate Degree in
Theology, etc.
The Seebran's has
traveled and is still
traveling to over 55
countries, the highlight
of their ministry is
staying in India and
leading over 2 million
souls to Jesus Christ.  
They are now concentrating on the country of Brazil conducting meetings in Stadiums, Churches and especially helping the people Selvon  
& Sherry Seebran47years of marriage, 47 years of ministry, traveled to over 55 who lives on the Banks of the Amazon River, where they are
now building a Church, Selvon  & Sherry Seebran47years of marriage, 50 years of ministry, traveled to over 55 School and Medical Center.
Selvon Seebran Worldwide Deliverance Ministries
sswd 7 point outreach for
lost souls
Dr. Selvon & Sherry Seebran, leads multitudes of
    The condition of the world, war in the middle east, the signs of Armageddon, the soon return of Jesus,,
    the only thing remain to do, is prepare your own soul and win lost souls, Matthew 24:13-14.
Pastor Sherry Seebran,
ministering to the natives
lives on the Banks of the
Amazon River.
Selvon & Sherry Seebran, standing on the banks
of the Amazon with boat that is dedicated to
their ministry to reach the natives of the Amazon
These Natives anxiously waits egerly and daily for
us to come and preach to them the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.