Selvon Seebran Worldwide Deliverance Ministries
Dr. Selvon & Sherry
Seebran  resides in
Georgia USA, married
55 years with 3 children
2 gand children,
have been and is in
ministry for 55years, they
have  traveled  and
ministered in 55
countries some of these
countries they have
traveled back and forth
10-15 times ministering
to the needs of the
Dr. S. Seebran earns a
Masters and Doctorate
Degree in Theology from
Logos Christian
University, Jax FL, he is
a conference speaker,
Bible College Teacher
and a successful Pastor
& lecturer .
The highlight of their
ministry was in India
leading 2 million souls to
Jesus. They are now
doing missionary work in
Brazil especially among
the  people who lives on
the Amazon  River.
They   also conducts
evangelistic meetings the
United States and other
countries of the World.
Selvon & Sherry Seebran standing with a boat they use to
travel preaching to the people on the Amazon River
Selvon Seebran with Pastor
Charles Genard with mountain
people in Haiti
Sherry Seebran distributing food and clothing
to the children and people of the Amazon River