Selvon Seebran Worldwide Deliverance Ministries
About Us
   Dr. Selvon & Sherry Seebran, believe
that God is the Creator of the Universe,
who showed His love to us by sending His
Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for
our sins.
   The four Gospels revealed the life,
ministry,death and resurrection of Jesus
Christ so we will believe unto salvation by
the working of the Holy Spirit.
   Our foundation is based on the infallible
word of God the BIBLE, We believe that it
is the inspired WORD OF GOD, as we
base our faith on the life and teachings  of
Jesus Christ, who was the only person to
raise from the dead.
   We also believe in the ministry of The
Apostles as recorded in the books of Acts,
the writings of the Apostle Paul in the
   Their ministry consists a 7 Point
Outreach Program which reaches all
People in every country with every need,
in this program no one is left out.
. Selvon Seebran Ministers to Pastors, Leaders -
CONFERANCE- BRAZIL - Look at Video Front Page
Selvon Seebran ministering in Huge Tent